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Source: TLC

Lifting the Veil on ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ — Is the Hit TLC Show Just Another Scripted Reality Series?


Does this count as cheating on our relationship? Because the Cinderella moments you’ve been watching on TV may be nothing but a decked-out pumpkin. Say Yes to the Dress has captured viewers as it showcases brides-to-be going to the Kleinfeld bridal shop in New York City trying to find the perfect gown to say “I do” in. And while wedding dress shopping with your family can be stressful, some of the Kleinfeld bridezillas have us wondering, are the wedding shopping experiences on SYTTD real — or is it all TV magic? 

It turns out, the drama that unfolds in the salon is partially scripted. Yes, scripted reality television, who would have thought? According to the web, the production crew of SYTTD handpicks brides and groups that already have drama amongst their inner wedding circle. In the editing room, the producers pick the juiciest soundbites, which therefore piece together a drama-filled 30-minute show.