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Source: Nickelodeon

12 'Rugrats' Plots That Make Me Absolutely Terrified to Ever Have Kids


I'm approximately the same age of Rugrats. That is, we were both born in 1991, we're both 27 years old, and we're both... wait, actually I'm probably closer in age to the adults in Rugrats. That's a real eye-opener with recent talks of a reboot, because I'm pretty sure I can no longer watch these dangerous "adventures" unfold without getting anxious that Tommy or Chuckie will get killed or kidnapped. It really makes me terrified of the premise of parenthood: You look away for one second, and those babies are off selling all your furniture, ruining your business deals, and falling off of buildings.  

Now granted, I'm not sure if this more of a reflection of the kids being harbingers of chaos or the parents being, you know, bad parents. Like I'd definitely say that there's a certain amount of neglect that goes into every episode if these kids are constantly wandering off. Either way, let me revisit some hard reasons why the Rugrats kids make me low-key worried about procreating anytime soon.

1. "Waiter, There's A Baby In My Soup"

Source: Nickelodeon

There was a baby in the spaghetti too, and you guessed it, it's that troublemaker Tommy. So in this season 1 episode, Tommy is brought along on an important business dinner between Stu and Mr. Mucklehoney, President of Mucklehoney Toys. Did has to bail Grandpa out of some kind of bowling mishap, leaving Tommy with the guys AKA essentially by himself. 

Tommy slips away, tying his dad's shoelaces to the table and wraps Mr. Mucklehoney up with some gum. Then he wreaks havoc in the kitchen, tossing silverware in a pie, tabasco in soup...which BTW, ends up being Mr. Mucklehoney. Luckily Mr. Mucklehoney thinks it's hilar and offers to pay the massive damage bill Tommy left in his wake. He says they could use a man like Stu at Mucklehoney Toys, but since he's never seen again it can be safely assumed that Stu ended up with zilch. 

Better keep working on putting Pickles' on the map.