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Source: bravo

Meet the Cast of 'Sweet Home,' Your Newest Renovation Obsession

By Mustafa Gatollari

If you love home renovation reality TV shows (c'mon, we all do, even if we say we don't) then you're going to go ga-ga over Bravo's newest TV show, Sweet Home, about Jennifer and Josh Welsh and their interior design firm.

You might remember Jennifer, her ex-husband Josh, and her pal Angie "Pumps" Sullivan from their show on Bravo, Sweet Home Oklahoma. This time around, they've dropped the "OK" from the show's title and are shifting focus.

What can you expect from Sweet Home when it drops on November 2? 

Well, you've got the "happily unmarried" working relationship of Jennifer and Josh and their team. They encounter problems like handling tough clients and getting the right materials, plus the trials of running a business. Plus Angie Pumps' quirks and larger-than-life personality help keep everything fun. 

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