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Source: fox

Every 'Arrested Development' Character's Best Moments Over the Last 15 Years

By Mustafa Gatollari

I'm old enough to remember when Arrested Development first debuted, and to be one of many people who shrugged their shoulders and couldn't fathom how in the heck Fox didn't renew it after the show's excellent first three seasons.

Memorable characters who each had their own clear objectives/motives. Excellent writing. Slick production values. Laugh-out-loud funny without an awful laugh-track telling me what should be funny. Arrested Development had it all.

True, fans of the show can be found on various Reddit forums pasting circle-jerk threads and threads of jokes and quotes from the show. Like we get it: we've seen the show and we love it too, and I too remember quotes from the series, but there's no reason to flood a thread about a new cancer treatment with endless banana stand references.