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Source: Reddit

12 Celebrity Reddit AMAs That Went Horribly Wrong


Ahh, reddit's famous AMAs (Ask Me Anything) have attracted everyone, from A-list celebs to even former presidents. While most celebs who participate in AMAs leave with a "cool" reputation, for many others, the experience backfires. For one, redditors hate when celebs use AMAs only to promote a project. They also hate when famous folks refuse to answer questions, give blunt/rude answers, or use fake accounts to control the type of questions being asked. In other words, AMAs are about being an open book, and when celebs try to skirt the rules, the reddit community responds with vengeance. Below, a few celebrity AMAs that went horrifically south.

1. Woody Harrelson

Source: Reddit, Getty Images

When Woody went on reddit to promote his film Rampart, he mistakenly treated the AMA like his own personal press conference, answering only softball questions and directing all conversation back to his film. This angered redditors, who started asking more personal questions. When one person accused Woody of allegedly sleeping with an underage classmate, Woody surprisingly responded by saying he only wanted to answer questions that were related with the film. From that point, the comments spiraled as redditors openly mocked him for using the platform solely for promotional purposes. Halfway through the AMA, many started to suspect that the answers weren't even written by Woody but by his publicist. "This whole AMA is a good example of how not to use the internet for marketing," a redditor wrote. To date, his AMA is still considered one of the worst.