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Source: istock

These People Actually Tried Those "Make $10k A Month" Schemes And Revealed What Happened


It's probably happened to you. You've desperately been looking for a job and applied to countless places. You want something that's a bit respectable, so retail is out of the question. You're sick and tired of reeking of fried oil and having throbbing feet, so the food service industry is out as well.

If only you could have an office job. Somewhere you could climb the corporate ladder. Use some of the skills you developed in college before you graduated or decided to take off for a couple of years to "figure things out."

But mostly, you just want money. And a decent amount of it. The kind of money where you wouldn't have to ride the bus. Or if you have a car, the kind where a $700 repair bill wouldn't destroy you. The kind of job where you don't have to feel bad spending a few bucks every day for a quick snack or drink. Where you don't have to mooch off of your friend's Amazon Prime membership. Wouldn't that be nice?