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People Are Sharing Times They Experienced a 'Glitch in the Matrix,' So Prepare to Freak Out


OK, I believe in hauntings and supernatural stuff and paranormal activities and all that jazz, but these stories have surpassed even the insanity I've taken for granted. A recent AskReddit had people sharing times they experienced a "glitch in the matrix," a phrase used in the Matrix movie to describe the moment in which the characters discover they're living in a simulation. We compiled some of the best stories from there, and even mined r/Glitch_in_the_Matrix to bring you some tales that'll for sure give you goosebumps. 

Scroll down, disbelievers, and you'll be sure to question the reality you've become comfortable with all these years.

1. This meant-to-be love story.

Source: istock
My mom has some friends that I've known my whole life. They're her age. Mom was single so they used to babysit me sometimes. I went over to their apartment for Halloween when I was 4 and they took me trick or treating around their apartment complex.
Fast forward 27 years. I'm married to a girl I met in college, who had been born in the city I was raised in but almost immediately moved away, was less than a year old. She'd lived in other parts of our large metro (DFW) and the LA area growing up. She's heard my mom and I mention these family friends occasionally but never met them.
Wife and I throw a Christmas party to celebrate our new house, my mom asks if she can invite said friends so I said of course! They arrive and we get to chatting, they ask about my wife's unusual maiden name and if she knew people who have the same first names as her parents. These family friends of ours were her parents' neighbors (as in share a wall, literally the only other door on the second floor of the same building) at the time my now wife was born. I'm 3 years, 9 months older than my wife. Our family friends neighbors had an 8 month old infant when I went trick-or-treating at their house. I met my future wife as an infant out of total happenstance before not 'meeting' her for another 18+ years.

- southernmayd