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If You Thought Your Ex Was Bad, Just Wait Until You Read These Breakup Horror Stories


Breakups are hard — especially when one person in the relationship is blindsided or unforeseen circumstances ruin a seemingly happy couple. However, for some, breakups can be downright traumatizing. 

This AskReddit thread inspired users to share their best (worst?) ex-from-hell stories — and they did not disappoint. If you thought your ex was crazy, you probably won't by the time you reach the end of this article. That or you will appreciate being single a little bit more. From called-off weddings to stalker mother-in-laws, some barely survived their last relationship. 

Luckily for us, they lived to tell the tale. 

1. New phone, who dis?

Source: istock
My ex bought a new phone and lost all his numbers. Asked me to text him so he can save my number again. As him and I drive home I text him “hey sexy, what’s up?” and he responds “hey can’t talk right now. I’ll text you back in 5.”
I figure he’s f--king with me and forget about it. As soon as we get home he goes to the bathroom. A moment later my phone lights up:
Ex: “So hey. What’s up?” Me: “uhm... not much, you?” Ex: “super horny. Wanna meet up tonight?” Me: “why not right now? Horny too.” Ex: “ok will try to make it ASAP. Cool?” Me: “yeah”
A moment later he comes out of the bathroom for the following conversation:
Ex: “I’m actually just gonna head home I think. Don’t feel too good. Is that ok?”
Me: “uhm ok...”
Ex: “oh but can you text me real quick so I have your number?”
Me: “sure....”
I send him a text while we stand in the same room: “Hi.”
Him: “f--k.”
I forgot what exactly happened afterwards but I vaguely remember removing him forcefully from my apartment...
A real keeper, that one.

— @germanthoughts