Girl Makes The Mistake Of Texting Her Ex Who Threatens To 'Hack Everyone She Loves'

Mark Pygas - Author

Nov. 18 2019, Updated 2:12 p.m. ET


Never text an ex, it's always a mistake. It may not seem like it at 3 a.m. after a few too many drinks, but it is. Just take this anonymous Reddit user, who decided to check in with her ex-boyfriend after she heard that he wasn't taking the break up very well and ended up getting 'hacked.'

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"Checked in to see if ex was ok, he threatens to hack everything I love," the Reddit user explains. It all began with them clicking a dodgy link that her ex-boyfriend sent to her...  

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And then he went full psycho...

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Sounds legit.

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It didn't seem to phase her much, though.

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The Reddit user is convinced that this is all for show, writing:

"I am 99.9% sure this is all bluff. I have taken precautions just in case (like documenting everything). Just for the record I am not scared. I just will not ever be talking to this individual again in the future."

And other users seem too think the same thing.

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One user wrote:

"I've met a lot of dumb wannabes.. but he puts all of them to shame."

While another shared a similar experience:

 I once had a dude talking c--p to everybody in the party over Xbox, saying he was a millionaire at 17 after developing some next-level software. Quotes from him included:

""I have a house in America. Well, I say a house, it's actually a villa in Miami. I have my own business and I make a lot of money, even though I'm only 22."
"I get a lot of looks driving through Nottingham in a 1.2milllion pound car."
Me: "What kind of car do you have?"
"A McLaren. But then again, what kind of car DON'T I have? That's the better question. I have 27..."
"Richard Hammond bought his 1967 Mustang from me. That's my claim to fame."
"I might move to America soon. I have houses everywhere. Miami, Vancouver, Washington DC, LA..."
"You said you moved to America before, right? That's weird, I wouldn't expect you to have been able to move to America.."
Me: "Why?"
"Well most people from your town aren't exactly well off.."
Rookie mistake was using his real name as his gamertag and talking about his girlfriend using her full name. I soon found him on Facebook as we had a mutual friend. Turns out he's one of those guys that takes photos of/selfies with expensive cars he finds in random parking lots. He also had a severely receding hairline, which was a nice touch.

Sounds like he isn't taking the break up very well. 

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