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Source: Distractify

10 Viral “Feel Good” Stories That Turned Out to Be Complete Scams


When the world seems like a hopeless place and politics looks like an apocalyptic nightmare, many people have turned to viral feel-good stories for a reminder that the world isn't a complete dumpster fire (yet). Unfortunately, because these stories tug at our heartstrings, it's easy for scammers to exploit our emotions to make some easy cash. From faking cancer to stealing money from homeless people, here are all the fraudulent feel-good stories you totally fell for.

1. A woman got $4,000 in gifts after lying about no one attending her baby shower.

Source: Twitter

Last year, a woman who claimed no one attended her baby shower garnered tons of sympathy from people when her now-deleted tweet went viral. Feeling sorry for the woman, dozens of people bought gifts off her Walmart registry and donated money through a private PayPal account. However, one eagle-eyed Twitter user sniffed that the story smelled fishy. "Here's the story of how two scammers @im_cece_b-tch and @blazinbombsheIl scammed the hell out of Twitter," he tweeted. The internet sleuth called the restaurant where the party was hosted and asked how many people showed up. The restaurant said that the reservation was for 12 people and that "12 to 15" people showed up.

Defending herself, the expectant mom told New York that she had originally invited 70 people and that only "six to seven" showed up after she sent the tweet. The mother's friend, who sent the original viral tweet, later wrote in another deleted tweet that the whole thing was a "joke."