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Source: touchstone pictures

15 Facts About 'The Waterboy' Even the Film's Most Die-Hard Fans Probably Didn't Know

By Mustafa Gatollari

I don't know the exact number of times I watched The Waterboy, but it has to be somewhere in the low zillions, but I still die laughing every time Farmer Fran reacts to seeing Bobby Boucher make his first explosive tackle on the football field.

Any fan of Adam Sandler's comedies is sure to have the 1998 college football film around the top of their list. Though the film came out some 20 years ago, it still holds up remarkably well, mostly because of the sheer number of jokes that are squeezed out of every situation.

Now you might know the movie's downright hilarious, but there's probably a lot about the film you don't know, even if you are a Waterboy superfan like I am. Here are some facts about this classic you'll enjoy.