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Source: Paramount Pictures

It's Whatever, But We Have Our 'Clueless' Remake Dream Cast Picked Out

By Pippa Raga

When Paramount Pictures announced a remake of Clueless was underway, the news broke the internet. From publishing thinkpieces on movies that should never be rebooted to avid fans expressing excitement on Twitter, the Clueless remake has had everyone talking.

And though we don’t know too much about it and it hasn't been cast yet, we do know Marquita Robinson, a writer and editor on Netflix’s GLOW, will pen the script for Clueless’ remake, at least according to The Hollywood Reporter. Plus, Girl’s Trip writer Tracy Oliver is set to produce the film, so it’s not complete and utter doom.

If the rest of the Clueless franchise is any indication, the 2019 remake will probably bring in a lot of cash, too. Although the initial movie was a hard sell, it ended up making $56 million in the U.S. on a meager $12 million budget. The film’s success led to a brief TV spinoff and even Clueless, the Musical opening in NYC next month.