33 Guys Who Are Totally Clueless When It Comes To Talking To Women



The art of wooing members of the opposite sex is a tricky one. Obviously it helps if you're super attractive, but if you're clearly bothering someone who wants nothing to do with you and you can't take the hint, then you're definitely going to be branded a creep for life.

For some reason, there's a guilty pleasure I take in seeing guys crash and burn when attempting to "pick up" girls in the worst ways possible. Whether it's online, or through ill-thought out phone calls or texts, strange Facebook posts, anything, I can't believe some people are just so clueless.

But after seeing what some of these guys post about women online, or their interactions with members of the fairer sex, I think I do it as a reminder to never become this desperate, mean, or dumb.

1. These bros who claim morality is a male invention.

2. This guy who's having some performance denial, maybe?

3. This guy who must've read an obscure version of the Bible.

4. He's probably friends with this dude.

5. This obvious troll.

6. What...

7. This old-school game box.

8. Well that's highly reductive.

9. Yes, he speaks for all women.

10. So we're shaming women with c-sections now?

11. A guy who explains to a woman what having breasts is like.

12. Ahh yes, the old nose virginity tell.

13. Ding dong.

14. "In conclusion, I'm an unattractive person with a horrible personality but that shouldn't matter to women, so please have sex with me."

15. Depression doesn't exist for people with two X chromosomes, apparently.

16. What the hell, dude.

17. Yes, because we all know women can't be doctors.

18. Anger or rage?

19. We all know romance is born on LinkedIn.

20. Ahh, the old let's be friends but then get upset when you don't want to date me routine.

21. Feminism is all about met, apparently.

22. What in the what what?

23. Apparently women feed on the life force of men.

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24. Testosterone apparently fuels intelligence now.

25. I didn't know the Taliban were making memes these days.

26. This guy waited and waited.

27. Someone. Actually. Did. This.

28. Did the movie 'Anchorman' teach this dude nothing?

29. I don't know what's worse, the graphic or the video title?

30. There's no way this is real.

31. Cannibals need love too, I guess?

32. Someone skipped anatomy class.

33. Yes, this is definitely why.

Heaven help us.

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