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33 Guys Who Are Totally Clueless When It Comes To Talking To Women


The art of wooing members of the opposite sex is a tricky one. Obviously it helps if you're super attractive, but if you're clearly bothering someone who wants nothing to do with you and you can't take the hint, then you're definitely going to be branded a creep for life.

For some reason, there's a guilty pleasure I take in seeing guys crash and burn when attempting to "pick up" girls in the worst ways possible. Whether it's online, or through ill-thought out phone calls or texts, strange Facebook posts, anything, I can't believe some people are just so clueless.

But after seeing what some of these guys post about women online, or their interactions with members of the fairer sex, I think I do it as a reminder to never become this desperate, mean, or dumb.

1. These bros who claim morality is a male invention.