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Ranked: Which 'Toy Story' Character Is an Actually Good Toy?


The teaser trailer for Toy Story 4 just dropped out of nowhere and obviously fans are very excited about the prospect of a new film, because parts 1-3 have been nothing short of incredible. They're also very excited about it's new character Forky, who looks like an arts and crafts experiment that broke free from his diorama.

The franchise is Pixar's crown jewel for multiple reason. One, the storyline is just amazing. It deals with some very real existential questions human beings can relate to, like placing all of your value and self-worth on whether or not someone's interested in you anymore or not. Not to mention the reality-jarring questions the nature of the film's premise brings up: what is our purpose? Why are we here?

But it's also extremely popular for not-so-depressing reasons as well: it's a movie about toys that are alive. Of course it's going to be a hit with kids. It doesn't hurt that the movie's brilliantly animated and has an almost addictive color scheme, but it's a movie that hits everyone right in the nostalgia just by virtue of all the toys Andy has in his room.