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Source: Warner Bros.

'You've Got Mail' Turns 20 Years Old — See How Much the Upper West Side Has Changed


The city of New York is always changing, and New Yorkers are forever lamenting the sudden disappearance of their favorite shops, restaurants, and landmarks. This phenomenon is one of the many topics in the movie You've Got Mail, just as much as it's about catfishing people on the internet, small businesses vs. big box stores, and the universal appeal of The Godfather. Like a lot of films set in NYC, Nora and Delia Ephron's adaptation of  The Shop Around the Corner is a story about New York. You've Got Mail's film locations are a real love letter to the Upper West Side — even when those locations are actually like 60 blocks south of the actual UWS.

In honor of the 20th anniversary and a city that never sleeps or stops transforming itself, here are all the major film locations from the movie then and now.

Fox Books

150 W 17th St and 7th Ave