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Source: BBC

The Many Accidental Innuendos of ‘The Great British Baking Show’


The Great British Baking Show is sort of notorious for its many innuendos. After all, it's a little unavoidable when you have contestants talking about chocolate balls, huge nuts, and of course, soggy bottoms. In fact, the many innuendos have gotten so out of control lately, the show has vowed to avoid them in later seasons. Eh, good luck with that. With all those weirdly shaped breads that look like you-know-what, they're gonna need it. But in until then, enjoy a collection of the most unintentional naughty bakes from the show.

1. Andrew's Caramel...Ahem

Source: BBC

Tudor Week allowed bakers to show off their skills with making elaborate pies fit for kings, but for contestant Andrew Smyth, his marzipan creation was less Tudor and more Cinemax. His cake, which included a knight with a caramel jousting pole placed in a, ahem, creative location, left judge Paul Hollywood in stitches. "The jousting pole… that really should have gone on the hand," Paul said, amused.