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Former Oscars Hosts Explain What It’s Like To Work The Hardest Job In Show Business


The recent hiring (and dismissal) of comedian Kevin Hart as host of the 2019 Academy Awards has illustrated one of the show's biggest challenges: finding an emcee. Although you'd think every comedian would be knocking each other down to host one of the biggest award shows of the year, the reality is that most don't want the gig. It's hard, it doesn't pay much, and if you screw up, you'll be wallowing in regret for years (just ask David Letterman). Here's what former Oscars hosts had to say about their experience working the most stressful and unappreciated job in show business.

1. Jon Stewart: "It's the worst job in the world."

Source: Getty Images

Although Jon hosted the show twice, in 2006 and 2008, apparently it was an arduous experience each time. While interviewing Seth MacFarlane in 2014, who also hosted the awards show in 2013, Jon reminisced about their past Oscar gigs. "I [hosted the second time] because they thought, like in golf, 'Boy that first shot sucked, do you want to hit again?'" Jon said. He later deadpanned, "It's the worst job in the world."

As for Seth, he laughed and compared the job to "Kobayashi Maru," a fictional training exercise from Star Trek that had a no-win scenario.