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Source: getty

Kevin Hart Is No Longer the Oscars Host — Now What?

By Mustafa Gatollari

Once word got out that comedian/actor/international superstar Kevin Hart was stepping down from his Oscars hosting gig, it was immediately met with befuddlement. Especially considering he stepped down a mere two days after announcing he'd accepted the distinction.

Hosting the event is a tall order — just ask anyone who's previously had the job — but a challenge like that shouldn't affect the hardest working man in Hollywood. So why did he pardon himself from the gig so soon?

Per usual in the entertainment industry these days, old homophobic tweets came back to bite him.

The Oscars are a little more than two months away and there's still no official host for the most prestigious awards show in Hollywood. But that hasn't stopped people all over the internet from throwing some stars' names into the proverbial hat.