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Source: Warner Brothers / Reddit

10 Convincing Fan Theories That'll Force You to Rewatch Your Faves


The true merit of a good movie is how many details you can pick up on your second and third viewings that you completely missed on your first. That's probably why Bandersnatch was so enjoyable to watch when it came out a few weeks ago with more than a few possible endings. 

From Harry Potter to The Dark Knight, with some Tarantino sprinkled in for good measure, here are 10 film theories that'll make you revisit your favorite movie ASAP.

1. 'Harry Potter' (2001-2011)

Source: Warner Brothers

Fans are convinced that Harry Potter is told from Harry's perspective, which starts off as not totally reliable, given his young age at the start of the films. Though his telling of the events is for the most part accurate, the number of times we see "everyone" cheering for him or the fiendish nature of every single Slytherin isn't actually how the story took place, but more a testament to how 11-year-old Harry perceived them. We watch his narration get more reliable as Harry gets older, and even notice how things take a turn for the moody and angsty when he's a depressed teen. This applies to the books as well.

A second theory suggests the main characters of Harry Potter are only in Gryffindor because they were brave enough to ask to be placed there. Harry should have been Slytherin, Hermione should have been Ravenclaw, and Ron should have been Hufflepuff, but they all asked to be in Gryffindor, which was proof they belonged.