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Source: Getty Images

What 8 Stars' Kids Think About Their R-Rated Career Moments


It's not easy being a celebrity kid. Not only are they and their parents scrutinized before they're even old enough to talk, but they also have to deal with the cringeworthy reality that their parents were naked in a movie or gyrated in a thong in a music video once. When kids reach the age when they start realizing mom is famous for doing things that aren't very "mom-like," things can get awkward. 

Although most celebrity kids' parents, like Nicole Kidman and Amy Adams, refuse to let them see the R-rated moments, a few stars' offspring have had reluctant front row seats. Here's what they thought about it.

1. Madonna's daughter, Lourdes

Source: Getty Images

Madonna has spent most of her almost 40-year career singing about sex. So what do her two eldest kids, Lourdes and Rocco, think about it?

“Lola’s horrified by all of it," Madonna told Carson Daly back in 2016. "She just wants me to be her mom. At this point, Rocco doesn’t care. It just goes over. He’s like, ‘Ugh, Mom. Mom’s being Mom.' The other little kids aren’t tuned into that frequency yet."

That same year, when Lourdes accompanied her mom to a screening of Madonna: Truth or Dare, an insider reported that the 22-year-old looked a little uncomfortable during the film's racier scenes:

"On the Evian bottle scene [where Madonna simulated fellatio on a bottle], I do have to admit [Lourdes] kind of like... reached over to her mother," [Alek] Keshishian said, reporting that Madonna gave her daughter a mortified expression. He then imitated Lola's reaction to the scene, going from closing her eyes, to opening them and looking shocked, to closing them again. As for the star of the film, Keshishian noted, "And Madonna, by the way, sat perfectly still." Lola was later overheard raving about her mom's '90s-chic looks from the film.