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Source: Instagram

15 Celebrity Kids Who Grew Up While We Weren’t Looking

By Tiffany White

It seems like just yesterday Jennifer Lopez gave birth to twins — except it wasn't yesterday, it was ten years ago. That's right, those "toddlers" are now in fourth grade, and I'm starting to feel very old. 

What's interesting about the world of "celebrity kids" is that tabloids are obsessed with documenting their every move during those formative early years. However, once the tykes turn 3, we hear about them a lot less. Next thing you know, you're watching a music video and realizing that 3-year-old is now a teenager. Time sure flies when you're not paying attention, huh? Here's a look at all the famous kids who are way older than you expected.

1. Jennifer Lopez's twins, Maximilian and Emme

Source: Instagram

When did this happen?? I know kids grow up (that's kind of how human bodies work), but I'm seriously surprised her twins are already 10 years old. In addition to appearing in mom's music videos, Emme is also an aspiring author and has plans to develop a children's book called Lord, Help Me. Suddenly I feel very unaccomplished.