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12 Stars With Unexpected College Majors, Because Not Everyone's a Drama Kid


The typical celebrity success story goes one of three ways: 

1) You start acting young and become a ward of the industry. 

2) You act while waiting tables until your big break.

3) You drop out of whatever college you half-heartedly enrolled in because someone noticed you're a regulation hottie. 

If all else fails, you just need to be born into the Kardashian family. But in the case of option 3, some celebrities who went to college had some seriously un-dramatic majors... and some even graduated! 

1. Ashton Kutcher

Source: Getty Images

Though he rose to fame as brainless hottie Kelso on That ‘70s Show, Ashton Kutcher had real big ambitions when he enrolled in the University of Iowa. “Actually, I went from wanting to act to settling for biochemical engineering. I lived in a tiny town, and I realized that, unless I left for California, there wasn't anywhere for me to go with the acting,” Ashton explained in 2001. “I couldn't afford to move that far, so I decided to go to school and become a genetic engineer. My twin brother had a cardiomyopathy, which is a virus that attacks the heart, and he had a heart transplant. I wanted to find out how to alter the virus.”

Fate had a different plan. Ashton was approached at a bar by a woman who asked if he wanted to be a model. Ashton figured he’d give it a whirl, and, well, here we are.