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Source: Orion Pictures

New Chucky Debuted in 'Child's Play' Remake That's Horrifyingly High-Tech

By Mustafa Gatollari

Chucky's back, and he's scarier than ever.

At least that's what the teaser trailer for the upcoming Child's Play remake promises. If you have a Netflix account, or are still mooching off of your ex's like these people, then you're probably familiar with the show Black Mirror. It's basically a modern version of The Twilight Zone, but with a modern, high-tech twist.

The idea of humanity subconsciously destroying itself with ever-improving technology in the pursuit of making lives as comfortable and easy for ourselves as possible isn't exactly a new theme. Heck, it's pretty much what the Terminator series is all about. But how different directors approach this problem is what gives each film its peculiar brand of horror.

In the original Child's Play, there was somewhat of a technological element present (a talking doll), but it also involved the occult: a serial killer's spirit somehow ends up in a doll and he's hell-bent on killing people now that he's a toy, because once you find your calling in life, it's hard to go back to doing anything else.

The upcoming Child's Play remake, however, seems to play a bit more on our current obsession with the horror-tech genre.