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Fast Food Employees Are Here to Ruin All Your Faves (Sorry)

By Carly Sitzer

It’s not exactly a secret that fast food is, well, pretty bad for you. In recent decades, consumers have wised up about their eating habits (leading to the death of many McDonald’s playgrounds, may they RIP). And even though we’re all a lot more informed than we were, say, 20 years ago — every once in a while, we’re all guilty of indulging ourselves. 

And sure, treating yourself every once in a while isn’t the worst thing in the world — but it could be, should you order the wrong thing. 

Fortunately for us firmly in the ~treat yo’self~ camp, ordering “correctly” just became a little bit easier — as countless fast food employees (both former and current), took to reddit to share on what you should never order at their respective establishments. Because, let’s be honest, if you’re already making the poor choice of an unhealthy meal… Do you really have to make it worse by also ordering days-old food?! Keep reading to find out exactly which menu items should always be skipped!