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Source: Twitter

All The Times Fast Food Let Down Your Very Important Cravings


Some of us rely on fast food restaurants on a daily basis, some of try to make them special occasion meals, but you know that if you're pulling up to the drive-thru you have a craving. An intense craving that can only be satisfied by the greasy, salty, cheesy flavor of your favorite chain. There's nothing like eating a pound of fries cooked in that familiar oil bath (looking at you, McDonald's). It's so great. But what about when the thing you're desperately craving is...bad? These are the #Fails that cut the deepest.

The sandwich that was not more beautiful on the inside. Wow, as a BLT lover, this photo makes me ache.

False advertising pizza. This cannot be for real.

A tiny large fries. Excuse me!

"I paid extra money for these 'large' fries. I've worked fast food a few times in my younger years and never had I given customers less than what they paid for," shared this angry customer on Twitter.

When the doctor showed up inside your sandwich.

"Please explain why there is a finger glove on my boyfriend's cheeseburger. Look at his sad face :(" wrote this patient person. I'd be more disgusted than sad, if I were the boyfriend.

A chicken strip with heavy emphasis on the "strip."

This drink lid posing as a tomato:

A sandwich that's chocolate bread might work, but the lettuce might be too much:

When the whole meal is unsalvageable:

When things get too complicated:

Or so simple the main ingredient is missing:

Or maybe just one half of the main ingredient:

It can be tough when there's a photo for comparison:

Or when you feel like you've had this meal before...somewhere. But it was different?

But the worst might be when it seems like the food is trying to kill you.

Source: Reddit

Kill you quickly, that is. We all know fast food is killing us slowly.