12 Hilarious Notes Parents Received That Are 100% Written By Their Kid's Teacher



Kids really are the future of our country, so why not buckle down and listen to some of the amazing things that they come up with.  If you had a rough time at school as a kid, you probably forged a note or two in your time. But it's hard to make it convincing, so here are a few examples that are totally, 100% legitimate.  Whether its trying to get out of homework or trying to get their parents to let them play more video games.  Kids really are genious with ways they think that they can get past their parents.

Video game class? School has changed a lot.

It must be a federal holiday or something.

Who looks at the signature anyway? If I were a detective I would easily be able to decipher who actually wrote this letter.

Every day? You got it. Yeah why not, this seems something so easy that it would just float by without anyone even noticing.

This seems to be a trend...of wanting to get their parents to get them to skip out of work.

The school company is taking a "brake."

That sounds horrible.

So courteous.

Probably creative differences.

Thanks for the heads up, Josh.

Another mom called mom. What are the chances?

Somehow, this one actually worked and Rosabella was able to skip an after school program.


These kids are going places in life. 

Just to recap some of these amazing notes.

"Dear Parents,

Nathan has been doing good in all his classes except for VIDEO GAME CLASS!  If he does not stay up all night and play video games, he will get kicked out of school!!! Start letting him stay up all night, & start tonight!  He can play anything, computer, wii, ipad, iphone & any other electronick.

from the school"

Or this one.

"Dear Mr, F

M__ has a confition that makes is to when she does homework it slowly kills her please do not send home any more homework.

"Mrs. Clifton,

Ronnie can bring his PSP to class all the time he wants to.  He has my permission.  I am his mom  and what I say goes.

- Ronnie"

Ronnie seems like a smart man trying to impersonate his mother to play some PSP  games during class.

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