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The 30 Most Insane Rules Strict Parents Ever Imposed On Their Kids


I don't think my parents were particularly strict when I was growing up, but they had one rule that never made sense to me. I could not play video games on a school night. While that rule isn't so strange by itself, it didn't make sense in the context of their other rules.

See, I was allowed to watch as much TV as I wanted on any night. So what this meant was that I was allowed to stare at a glowing rectangle as long as I was not in control of the characters on screen. When I pointed out this absurdity to my parents, they responded more or less how I expected. They told me they weren't changing their minds and to drop the subject.

In retrospect, I think the exception for television was only made because they wanted to be able to watch TV too, and didn't want to deal with three children calling them out on their hypocrisy. So I never did call them hypocrites, just confusing.