33 Things That Can Only Be Explained By Magic



Science is one of mankind's greatest achievements. Part of what makes it so great is that it helps us explain the unexplainable. We don't know how anything works until a scientist sits down and studies it.

That being said, there are some things out there that I can't see science ever getting around to explaining. The world is just too weird for everything to be explainable. Some things are straight up magic. 

You might think magic doesn't really exist. I used to think that, too. Then I saw some things that could only possibly be magic, and now I know the truth. I'm sure they'll convince you, as well. 

1. Someone perform an exorcism on those fingers!

2. It's alive!

3. Didn't see this coming, did you?

4. Yum!

5. But which one is the natural color?

6. This is rather ominous.

7. He has the power!

8. This is less impressive because he is a robot.

9. Dude! Heat your house!

10. That pilot is either really good or really bad.

11. I just vomited by proxy.

12. Eat your heart out, Tony Hawk.

13. Are you impressed now, Sphinx?

14. He meant to do that.

15. Why is that child unattended?

16. Doesn't the world have enough snakes?

17. See? Smoking IS cool!

18. Is it a chair, a couch, or something else entirely?

19. But why though?

20. Anyone know what shape this is?

21. Where are we?

22. You're cheating! Your hand is steady!

23. The shirt says it all.

24. Fish are wizards. Everyone knows that.

25. Are lasers magic?

26. Get it together, shadow!

27. This is how we beat the terrorists.

28. Nope! Shut it down!

29. I can explain this one. They're ghosts!

30. Try it at home!

31. What!

32. Is everyone okay?

33. Football is a mysterious thing.

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