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24 Thoughts That Sound Deep But Actually Aren't

24 Thoughts That Sound Deep But Actually Aren't
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10 months ago

I'm really grateful I didn't have a social media presence when I was fourteen years old. I am sure it would have been filled with cringe worthy nonsense that at the time I thought was really deep. 

That seems to be half of what kids are doing on social media these days. Thankfully a lot of it exists only on Snapchat so it can never come back to haunt their older selves. However, there are some either very confident or very silly kids who think what they have to say should be seen by everyone, forever. 

1. Don't say this to people.
2. Everyone must work all the time and never have fun.
3. I see where you're coming from but, no.
4. This is a mean thing to say about that lady.
5. None of this happened.
6. Pff. No. A hundred dollar bill, maybe.
8. That is true.
9. This is terrible advice!
10. No. This is not "Deeeepppp."
11. This is the meme equivalent of the "Nice Guy" syndrome.
13. Yeah, that's the point?
14. You put too much work into this.
15. Never apologize. That's the lesson here.
17. Everything is terrible.
18. Why do I suspect the person who made this isn't a doctor?
20. Maybe listen to your brain for once.
21. You don't even know how to listen to music.
22. Good question!
23. Without hesitation. What point are you trying to prove?
24. Have you tried white out?
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