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Autumn-Loving Woman Shuts Down Man Who Tried To Stop Her From Using Pumpkin Emoji



There are some who would argue that fall is the perfect season. It's not so cold that a small hoodie and some long socks can't keep you warm, and not so hot that you'll sweat up a storm just on the walk to your car.

As a result, autumn has got some die-hard fans that get seriously excited once it's arrived. They just can't wait to get into long-sleeved shirts and sip on pumpkin-spiced lattes and announce to the world that yes, fall is here.

Some people, however, don't like it when autumn-o-philes jump the gun on their celebration of their favorite season. Like this guy who wasn't feeling everyone tossing out pumpkin emojis the second summer ended.

But Twitter user @vixterminator took umbrage to the gentleman's statement, and responded in the perfect way.

With a ton of pumpkin emojis that spelled out, "No."

Fellow fall-lovers, and appreciators of sassy comebacks, started retweeting and liking the hell out of Victoria's response. And why wouldn't they? It was basically the perfect marriage between the two demographics.

Other people professed their loyalty to the season, as well. And as much as I love the summer and hot weather, I'm not going to lie: Fall food and festivities are pretty incredible, even if it does get a bit chilly at night.

Others had their own responses to Jason's original pumpkin-problem tweet. I don't know what's so funny about using a bunch of jack-o-lantern emojis to tell someone off, but it's unmistakably beautiful. Maybe because it reminds me of my undying love and devotion to pumpkin pie.

People apparently take fall very, very seriously. So if you want to go on Twitter and start telling people to chill about their love of Fall, maybe take a second to think it over.

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