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Comedian Paul F. Tompkins Shares Photo Of Weird Mascot New Zealand Uses To Get People To Vote



There are few things lamer than campaigns to make something that's inherently not fun or cool, fun or cool.

Like these Wendy's training videos about hot drinks and how they really get you going.

Just acknowledge the fact it's a boring training video from the get-go and you'll get everyone on board, dude.

But awesome fast food chains aren't the only places you'll find weird marketing tactics. It turns out that New Zealand's got a mascot for voting.

And it's a simultaneously weird yet terrifying. So when comedian Paul F. Tompkins discovered the orange monstrosity, he just had to share it with the rest of the world.

Which inevitably sent Twitter down a rabbit hole, with one user even posting a video of the "Citrus Golem."

Which left people with a lot of questions.

Others made a point about creepy orange dudes being a cross-cultural phenomenon.

However, there was a fellow actor and New Zealand native who defended the country's orange mascot by pointing out the obvious.

At least they didn't try to get Pennywise the Clown to be their mascot.

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