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The 26 Worst Ways To Start A Conversation

The 26 Worst Ways To Start A Conversation
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8 months ago

Conversations are hard. I'm an awkward person so I'm an expert. Thing is, though, I know that about myself so I avoid starting conversations when I can. 

Not everyone has that level of self awareness though. There are some people out there who insist on talking to people even though they aren't any good at it. You have to admire them for that.

1. No. Tell me.
2. Everyone LOVES answering this.
3. I need help.
4. Ask me why I was in there.
5. Oof.
6. This is going to be a smart conversation. I just know it.
7. Yes. That's why it is on my plate.
8. Convincing start.
9. You might want to sit down.
10. How do you... Oh.
11. No. Sorry.
12. I will waive that right.
13. This is going to be a doozy.
14. You seem so friendly!
15. Wow. Where to start with this one?
16. I'm already mad.
17. Pretty sure this would also end a conversation.
18. Time to move!
19. You are very forgettable.
20. And now we're done talking.
21. Can you do both?
22. Do not reply.
23. Wanna see it?
24. I think I'd rather not know.
25. Those places are filled with good advice.
26. And I'm out!
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