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22 Yelp Reviews That Don't Hold Back On Drama

22 Yelp Reviews That Don't Hold Back On Drama
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Updated 7 months ago

I don't really like Yelp. I'd rather go into a place chosen at random and roll those dice rather than make an informed decision. I consider this to be more fun but I understand why not everyone is up for that.

You want to know if the food is bad or the servers are mean. Why deal with that if you can avoid it? 

I'll tell you why. So later, you can go on the internet and complain. Just make sure your complaints are true before you publish them because the owner will find you, and will call you out. 

1. I'll listen to my gut over your experience!
2. The real issue is the stench.
3. How icky.
4. Now you have the whole story.
7. We're all rooting for you two.
8. Isn't food the most important part?
9. Get it together, Bjorn.
11. Yeah, this didn't happen.
12. You are just the middleman!
14. I'm not a mind reader...
16. You may not want your home address out there like that.
18. Who hurt you?
19. Know what you are getting in for.
20. There is a solid analogy at the end.
21. Sounds like they are in the wrong business.
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