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Source: imgur

37 People Who Are Probably Regretting Their 'Roast Me' Requests

By Mustafa Gatollari

Some of the best (worst?) roasts are the ones that hit too close to home. Whenever someone can accurately destroy you with a specific insult that hurts you on a shallow level, they won. And honestly —if you've ever roasted or been roasted — you can appreciate a life-ruining roast when you see one (or receive one). 

It's usually something that other people notice immediately, but are too polite to comment on. They take that weakness and then carve a heck of a roast out of it. And ever since the r/roastme subreddit debuted, tons of people have tossed their pictures up online in the hopes that they'd get specifically insulted.

Now not everyone can roast like a professional but the beautiful thing about a community like Reddit with such a large user base is that coming across the perfect roast isn't as difficult as you'd think.