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Source: reddit

50 Wholesome Memes That Will Help You Get Through The Week

By Mark Pygas

It's the start of yet another long week. And while there may be roadblocks or obstacles, there will also always be wholesome memes to help you power through to the weekend. Enjoy. 

1. You're the man.

Source: Reddit

“Young kid banging on the door I wake up like WTF!! I open it like, What up lil homie (I’ve never seen him before).. He said I MISSED THE BUS AND NO ONE WILL TAKE ME TO SCHOOL I’VE KNOCKED ON 3 DOORS…

My response, SAY NO MORE FAM… DIDN’T EVEN BRUSH MY TEETH, just grabbed my keys, slipped on my foams..

GO GET THAT EDUCATION YOUNG BROTHA!!," writes one selfless and amazing big brother.