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Source: Imgur

35 Starbucks Barista Fails So Bad They Have To Be Trolling


If you've ever worked retail or in the service industry, then you'll know that it can be back-breaking work for very little money. Just ask your barista. They have to deal with people at their worst — before they even get their caffeine fix for the day. So they're bound to make some mistakes when it comes to spelling a customer's name, but some are so bad they just have to be trolling...

1. Name: Roxanne

Oh hey, Rock Sand.

2. Name: Ian

Eeyon sounds like Eeyore's big brother in Winnie the Pooh, if I'm being extremely generous.

3. Name: Jim

"Didn't think it'd ever be possible to get my name wrong at Starbucks," wrote Jim. Simple enough, right? Wrong.

4. Name: Trevor

"So… Not sure if @Starbucks didn't like the way my wife ordered a drink or they just couldn't spell Denise oh my...." wrote Trevor.

5. Name: Emily

"My gf ordered a coffee at Starbucks..her name is Emily. I wasn't even mad," wrote Emily's boyfriend. Because Gimli is obviously a much more common name?

6. Name: Kinzi

Ok. This one is prety amazing, and according to the poster, not totally inaccurate.

7. Name: Chad

Yeah, they don't have Chads in South America, I'm pretty sure.

8. Name: Marc with a 'C'

Wow! Sometimes inspiration hits Starbucks employees. As evidenced right here.

9. Name: Virginia

10. Name: Ann-Louise

11. Name: Simon

12. Name: Livia

13. Name: Michelle

14. Name: Andie

15. Name: Madeline

16. Name: Ingrid

17. Name: Dylan

18. Name: Ariel

19. Name: Chelsea

20. Name: Amy

21. Name: Phoebe

22. Name: Penelope

23. Name: Patricia

24. Name: Louis

25. Name: Laura

26. Name: Ursula

27. Name: Lizzie

28. Name: Oliver

29. Name: Kurt

30. Name: Alona

31. Name: Christopher with a 'PH'

32. Name: Carl

33. Name: Ben

34. Name: Nick