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Source: twitter

31 Dad Inventions Only A Father Could Come Up With


There are some things that are undeniably dad. Despite not wanting kids until recently, I think I've always, deep down inside, had a father brewing inside of me.

I'd always make sure to have snacks in my backpack. Extra phone charging cables? Sure thing. Battery pack? Yep. Making sure everyone around me is prepared/hydrated/went to the bathroom and triple checked that they have all of their stuff before we get into the car? I've been doing that. Oh, and I've almost always had a multi-tool handy.

Now these can all just be attributes of an overly prepared person, but there's an added element of value, safety, practicality, and/or jerry-rigging to these attributes that make them dad-like. Sprinkle in a penchant for paternal protection, and you've got dad moments.

1. This wonderfully crafted invention. Look at how satisfied he is with himself.