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29 Ryan Reynolds Parenting Tweets That Are Hilariously Dark



There's a reason why Ryan Reynolds absolutely crushes it as Deadpool - it's because he gets to fully unleash the sarcastic, off-the-wall, strange, and hilarious person he's clearly capable of being.

Obviously actors aren't exactly who they portray on camera, but their individual fingerprint definitely makes an impact. When it comes to playing the characters that we love Reynolds for, he does a pretty amazing job.

The thing is though, those beloved character traits he has don't just stop on-camera, they carry on into his personal life. Obviously they're adjusted for different situations, but they're still there. Just look at his tweets on parenting and tell me I'm wrong.

1. Whether it's taking his baby to trippy music festivals.

2. Or joking about the lengths he would go to to make sure his baby girl is safe.

3. His humor may come off as a bit shocking. I mean, joking about your child fighting grown men?

4. It's refreshing to see that he doesn't put on airs when discussing being a parent.

5. And that could be for a variety of reasons.

6. I mean yes, being a parent is magical, the feeling you get when you look into your child's eyes is wonderful.

7. But like most amazing and majestic things, explaining the beauty of parenthood doesn't do it justice.

8. In fact, it kind of cheapens it.

9. There's a reason you can laugh at Ryan's tweets, it's because there's an acknowledgment that being a father is tough and kids are sometimes little nightmare balls of anxiety and frustration.

10. So having a sense of humor about the whole thing just seems way healthier. Because, what are you trying to prove?

11. It's like those couples on Instagram who are CONSTANTLY telling everyone how in love they are. You don't need to convince us, people,'re just trying to convince yourselves?

12. But if you can laugh about the uglier parts of life, well, that shows true commitment.

13. Plus, making jokes about taboo things like having a secret side family are hilarious.

14. I don't know why dark humor is so satisfying - it just is.

15. Like a punchline that ends with a disappointed child.

16. Or joking about a kid's long road ahead.

17. What parent hasn't experienced this trauma?

18. This awful/amazing bit of parental advice.

19. The highest highs and the lowest lows.

20. Or else they won't listen.

21. It could always be worse, right?

22. Kids love playing with keys, right?

23. Having kids is about compromises.

24. "What'd I miss?"

25. Raising them right.

26. I smell a new member of the Wiggles...

27. What a great dad, getting his kid ready for the world of modern dating.

28. We've all felt like this.

29. The man owns the fact that he's a perfect parent.

Nothing wrong with admitting when you've got the goods.

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