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22 Times Jim's Pranks Were The Best Reason To Watch 'The Office'



Even if you've only seen a few episodes of The Office here and there, you'll know the legendary pranks Jim Halpert pulled off on resident grump and eccentric weirdo Dwight Schrute.

In fact, Jim's relentless office shenanigans is what got me interested in the show to begin with, because they're just so great.

So if you're a fan of the show, or even if you've have never seen it before, you'll enjoy either reliving or seeing these epic pranks for the first time.

1. The time Jim convinced Dwight he was Asian.

2. When Jim put all of Dwight's office supplies in the vending machine.

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He then handed Dwight a bag of nickels for him to get them all back by paying for them...with all nickels.

3. When Jim got Dwight thinking "gaydars" were real.

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4. When Dwight received warnings from "Future Dwight."

5. When he convinced Dwight he smoked so much pot he permanently destroyed his short term memory.

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6. When Jim and Pam made jokes about Dwight in morse code with their pens.

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7. When Jim put Dwight's office supplies in Jell-o.

8. When Jim messed with Dwight's drawers.

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9. Jim has Dwight worried that he's turning into a vampire after he was bitten by a bat.

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10. When Jim slaps Dwight to make a point.

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11. When Dwight got his days mixed up, and Jim saw the perfect opportunity.

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12. Jim and Pam convince Dwight he needs to go to the ear doctor.

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13. Jim pretends to be Dwight for a day.

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14. When Jim messaged Dwight as a self-aware computer program.

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15. When Jim wrapped Dwight's desk in Christmas wrapping paper.

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16. Jim catching Dwight in an inadvertent "slumber party" photo shoot - by telling him it was a leg curl competition.

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17. Jim convinces Dwight to get a tearaway suit so he could do this.

18. Actually making Dwight believe there is "Garden Party" etiquette book - right before Dwight is throwing his first ever garden party.

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19. When Jim convinces Dwight to buy a packet of "magic beans."

20. Jim tricks Dwight into thinking he's a CIA recruit.

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21. Messing with Dwight during a "sales mentorship" call.

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22. Jim gets Dwight to fight himself while instructing everyone in The Office in the art of self-defense.

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