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Boss Creates The Perfect Prank For Employee Who Keeps Hitting Deer



There's something especially evil and satisfying about using a person's past traumatic experience to stage the perfect prank.

Sure, it's something a twisted mastermind would come up with, but it's also the reason why those types of amoral gags are the ones that shake us to our very core.

For my family, it was getting me to watch or see anything that had Freddy Krueger in it. Whether it was a clip from a movie, a film poster, or even a trick-or-treater dressed up like the knife-handed, burnt-face madman, it always got me spooked.

I hated his face, his knife gloves, his sweater, his deep, gravelly voice. I hated that he killed you while you asleep. I hated that he was a sadist. I hated hated hated everything about him. And I also also that my brother and dad would constantly trick me into thinking I was about to watch my favorite cartoon when BAM, A Nightmare on Elm Street was spliced into the video or playing on another channel, that they would turn to. Thanks a lot for the scares, guys.

Now I think there's a way to use someone's past to prank the heck out of them that doesn't involve them shuddering in a pool of their own tears, like I did when I was a kid. And this Twitter user's boss confirms this suspicion of mine.

@PaxPhotography had the misfortune of ramming his car into the glorified, giant rats of the woods, twice in a single month. That's right  - he hit two deer in about four weeks.

Such a terrible stroke of luck would probably leave someone with not just a ton of insurance paperwork to fill out and a healthy hatred of these antlered pests, but some PTSD associated with the accidents as well.

Something that Paxton's boss picked up on. Imagine reversing your car and seeing this mug glaring right at you.

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All it took was a tiny photo of the deer taped to his back-up camera and voila.

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As frightening of a prank it is, you have to give it to Paxton's boss for not only ribbing his employee's bad luck with deers and cars, but also picking the perfect deer photo.

I mean just look at how surprised it is.

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People are in love with Paxton's boss' sense of humor.

While others offered a practical solution for his vehicular deer-icide problem.

There were other people who thought Paxton's boss was a little too cool.

As it turns out, back-up camera gags are they're own sub-genre of pranks on the internet.

This guy loves trolling his wife by taping these horrifying images to her car's back-up camera.

Which she her own way.

I mean, it's how he shows her his love, so it can't be that bad, right?

He just kept doing it.

Just plain old relentless. In his defense, this time it was the beloved Sasquatch from Harry and the Hendersons.

He finally listened to her, however, and stopped posting faces in her rear-view camera.

They just keep getting better.

Then there was this sappy move.

And don't worry, yes, he did eventually finish the china cabinet.

Who knew an automobile safety feature could be the cause of so much joy?

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