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23 Spray Tan Fails That Will Make You Glad Tanning Isn't A Thing Anymore

23 Spray Tan Fails That Will Make You Glad Tanning Isn't A Thing Anymore
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Updated 4 months ago

There are lots of beauty trends throughout history that we can look back on and ask ourselves, "what the heck were they thinking?"

Like the Japanese practice of Ohaguro, which had women dyeing their teeth black in an effort to make their faces look whiter. Or those weird wigs that British (and American) lawyers and lawmakers wore (and in some cases still wear) in court. Or jorts.

Thankfully, a lot of these bizarre beauty trends have gone extinct. We can now gladly add spray tans to that list.

How did we ever let it get this far?
Like I get wanting to have a vibrant face.
I get wanting to have a glowing complexion.
I understand that you want to look the furthest thing from Chancellor Palpatine.
Maybe you don't have time to go outdoors.
Maybe you think it makes you look distinguished, or something.
But it doesn't.
Because spray tanning is fundamentally an imperfect science.
You often end up looking like you fell asleep around toddlers holding magic markers.
I get the whole bodybuilding competition excuse. Muscle contrast and what not.
But oompa-loompa-ism?
You're not fooling anyone.
With awful side effects.
It's even worse when you combine it with airbrushing.
And what about the children? Who will care for their suffering?
Especially when your efforts make you look like you have dirty feet.
Like, really dirty feet.
One little mistake can make you look totally ridiculous.
They don't even work to "even out" a tan you already have. Because once your skin starts peeling, this happens.
It's always a bad idea. Just. Always.
You just end up looking like shiny, old caramels at the bottom of a long forgotten candy dish.
OK, this is probably the only cool use of a spray tan, ever.

It's just embarrassing.
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