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Source: @nail_sunny / Instagram

12 Ridiculous Manicures That Should Never Have Left The Salon


I understand the hype around manicures. Granted, it’s much cheaper to do your nails yourself at home, but there’s kind of a thrill to going to the salon every other week and picking a color, then sitting back and presenting your hands to get massaged and beautified. Not to mention the fact they do a much better job at cutting and filing than you ever will (nail-biters, hello). 

I can even get behind nail art. While most lacquer purists might consider nail designs tacky at best, I have to admit there were years when I bought special brushes, stamps, and matte finishes to try my hand at cute wearable miniature paintings I could show off at work. 

But there are some people who took the concept of nail art a little too far. From utilitarian designs that ensure you’ll never misplace your lipstick to sketching on your fingers (and adding hair!) so all your digits look like your face, here are 12 ridiculous manis that probably shouldn't have left the salon.