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23 Employees Share the Last Straw That Finally Made Them Quit Their Jobs


We've all worked a job that we hated at one point or another, and the majority of us probably stayed in it a lot longer than we wanted to. Maybe you've been in a situation where you tried being upbeat about a job or maybe you even broke your back to please a boss or employer who never gave you the recognition you deserved.

So you start to fantasize about the ways you'd quit, or how you'd tell off everyone who screwed you over and made your life a living hell.Whether or not you acted upon that fantasy is a whole other story, but these are tales from Redditors who actually did walk out on a crumby job, and they're oh so satisfying.

1. Christmastime massacre.

Source: fox
Years ago I worked in a restaurant and it was Christmastime. This place was supposed to function with four waitresses, a busboy, dishwasher, manager, and two cooks.
Only the manager and I showed up. He did the cooking, I took orders, served, bussed tables, washed dishes and so on.
During this I accidentally dropped two bread plates and they broke. Manager says to me "I'll have to take those out of your pay." I told him that was funny, thinking he was joking. He wasn't.
I turned around and grabbed a stack of dinner plates, threw them on the floor and said "take those out of my pay too" and walked out to leave him with the whole mess.

- seagoingcook