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Absolutely Hideous Sweaters That'll Inspire Your Best National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day Yet


The holidays are approaching, which means it's time for some heartfelt family cheer — as well as, perhaps more importantly, total and unabashed nonsense. Now that 2018's SantaCon is finally behind us, it's time to mark your calendar for another gratuitous non-holiday ahead of Christmas: National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day.

What a redundant mouthful! People all over America are flocking to each other's houses dressed up in ridiculously tacky sweaters, enjoying themselves and their sartorial disasters. Some companies are even rewarding their ugly-sweater-donning clientele, like Alaska Airlines, which is offering early boarding to anyone sporting seriously hideous garb on the national holiday.

As the "official" dot-org site of National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day states, "National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day is a day of lighthearted fun and a day to be yourself and not that buttoned up corporate version of yourself you have grown to despise." Well, then! 

Whether you're getting ready to board Alaska Air next Friday, have been invited to an ugly sweater party, or just want to learn more about this strange but much loved "holiday," I'll do my best to unpack it. 

Oh, and I'm also throwing in pictures I've collected from all corners of the web to inspire your best tackiest looks this year.