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36 Apple AirPods Memes That All Cool Kids Want for Christmas



One of the hottest items people were looking for during Black Friday 2018 were deals on Apple AirPods. It's understandable why these Bluetooth headphones are such a hot commodity. They pair perfectly with that shiny new iPhone XR or XS (and all other iPhones), and they also have some cool features, like auto-pausing music when you take them out, immediately syncing to your nearby Apple devices.

So what if they look kind of dorky sticking out of your ears, and are really, really easy to lose unless you've got an anti-loss AirPods strap, which just turn your shiny little new pieces of tech into every other wireless bluetooth headset out there, or the fact that they're pretty darn pricey and it's still unclear to a lot of people what the button on the AirPods case actually does.

It doesn't change the fact that tons of people got them as Christmas gifts and there's a slew of absolutely hilarious memes about them floating around the internet.

A lot of the memes focused on the fact that AirPods are a "luxury" item.

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Even kids will remind you of that fact, apparently.

And that by owning them, you're now in the upper echelon of society.

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Being associated with lowly "Androids" is an affront to anyone who rocks a pair of AirPods.

There were some who pointed to the disadvantages of owning the Bluetooth headphones from Apple.

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Sometimes, you can't go wrong with a classic design.

But arguments like the one above still won't stop this kid from rubbing it in your face.

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Good for you, you little scoundrel. Now I hope you choke on those AirPods.

The joke basically became a response to anything.

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I'm also calling "BS" on these two 19-year-olds getting a house completely on their own. There's no way you can even get financed for a car or rent one for that matter, let alone getting financing for a home. Maybe they got it cash after making a ton on crypto, or they're YT celebrities.

Some of the memes focused on the fact that everyone, and I mean everyone, loved AirPods.

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To be fair, they do work well with the whole "white" aesthetic of heaven.

Doesn't matter, you still look good.

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Well, looks like you've got $160 to spare on Bluetooth headphones.

How did he even...?

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This guy's got secrets no one else has access to.

If you didn't get AirPods for Christmas...

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Is it even really Christmas?

A clear class divide was created.

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Social media's flooded with selfies of people flaunting their newest tech.

Some people made a good point about the price.

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Can't argue with that logic.

Flex, flex, flexin' on you all day.

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If you've got them, flaunt them.

Let the peasants know.

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That and you don't have time for their wired, blithering nonsense.

A good strategy.

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You don't need that kind of negativity in your life.

What a thoughtful pet.

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Such a good girl.

There were some who pointed out that certain people had their priorities out of whack.

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At least you'll be taking the bus to work in style after your car breaks down.

No one's got time for this brokeness.

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Keep all that poorness to yourself.

Doesn't it violate the rules?

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You're probably in the clear, but try not using them in the bursar's office just to be sure.

Even within AirPods users, there's subclasses.

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Forget wireless charging, try just not charging.

She made it everybody.

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She's on top now.

Don't catch the poverty bug.

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Once you've got AirPods you've reached another level of social distinction, protect yourself accordingly.

It's a distinction that should apply to every aspect of one's life.

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Including your romantic relationships.

Once you get a pair, a whole new set of problems emerges.

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Like making sure you don't forget your face in certain social situations.

People are so used to the good life, they're forgetting what the wired life was once like.

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Darker times indeed.

It's hard to argue with this person's logic.

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Sure it's wired, but Minions > newest technology any day of the week.

That's just a low blow.

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It looks nothing like that when you're talking on AirPods. OK maybe a little bit but it's still uncalled for.

This guy...

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Here's hoping he's just joking. What a lame flex. Anyone who's anybody has at least 10 pairs of AirPods on reserve for them and their friends so you can all go to the club looking fly AF.

If you didn't get them...

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Then you don't know the feeling.

A challenger appears!

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Sure, they'll probably explode in your ear and fuse to your medulla oblongata, but at least you'll save some cash and temporarily fool people into thinking you've got a product others appreciate. 

Kris Jenner really typifies that smug richness, doesn't she?

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I wonder if she's got a pair of AirPods?

Being real for a second - just look at this pettiness.

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Totally uncalled for, 1997 Honda Civics and Accords are supremely reliable cars. Swap out some of the parts and dump like $2k for a nice paint job and you've got a dope looking whip right there.

Wait, you've got just regular AirPods?

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Such a pleb.

Some were just happy to rub it in everyone else's faces.

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They really got me going for a second there.

Some learned the hard way that....

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...trolling AirPod devotees is a bad, bad idea.

Is there something wrong with this?

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Pretty sure it's in the Treaty of Versailles as well.

Haha, it does look exactly like that.

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Not sure why the face is all askew but it works.

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