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Source: Getty

Former Ethics Director Shares Upsetting Story About Joe Arpaio’s Deputies And A Dog


Sheriff Joe Arpaio is a notoriously racist and destructive man who was convicted earlier in 2017 for ignoring a judge's order to stop racially profiling his Arizona constituents by stopping Latino people at traffic lights to check for undocumented immigrants. Arpaio's crimes against human beings in his jails are extensive. Before he was voted out of office, he reportedly established a "tent prison" system in the Arizona desert, where prisoners were held in tents that reached up to 128 degrees everyday. Pregnant women in his jail were allegedly shackled to the beds during labor. The death rate from neglect and suicide in his jails was astronomical.

Anyway, President Trump pardoned him, shortly after catching criticisms for how he spoke of white supremacist violence at the recent protests in Charlottesville.