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Source: HGTV

12 Things to Look Forward to If You Ever Appear on 'House Hunters'


It might be everyone's favorite guilty pleasure, but it's been well-reported that HGTV's House Hunters is, well, a little fake. People who appear on the show usually already have a house purchased and then view fake properties to recreate the experience of house hunting. It's very bizarre, especially because the participants aren't actors. So what's it like to agree to fake-look at houses on national TV? Below, a few former House Hunters participants describe the nitty gritty details of this weird yet fun experience.

1. They inflate the budget.

Source: HGTV

The beginning of every House Hunters episode begins with a couple introducing themselves and explaining what their budget is for a new house. The internet has always mocked this part of the show because, sometimes, the budget seems a little unbelievable, especially if the couple doesn't have high-paying jobs. How can a teacher have a $1 million budget?

Turns out there's a reason those budgets look a little far-fetched. According to Kirstin Stone who did a Reddit AMA about her experience being on the show, producers made up her budget. "I wanted to spend no more than 130k, " she wrote. "They used my max qualification (165), and tacked on 15k I had in savings as 'renovation budget.'"

Fortunately, a $180,000 budget hardly seems unreasonable.