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Source: YouTube

8 People Whose Tinder Dates Turned Into Stage 5 Clingers


Everyone has encountered weirdos on Tinder, from crappy pickup lines to possible organ harvesters. Fortunately, for most people, things don't escalate beyond a quirky anecdote to be shared on Twitter or Reddit. But for a few unlucky individuals, their hookups became their worst nightmares, from dates who refused to go home to others who even threatened to harm themselves. Below, a collection of the craziest stories of first dates that went horrifically wrong. 

1. Woman sends 150,000 texts to a guy after only one date.

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When Jacqueline Claire Ades went on a first date with a man she met on a dating site, it was love at first sight for her. Too bad the guy didn't feel the same way. Last year, she was arrested after stalking the guy for over a year and sending 150,000 texts. The messages she sent ranged from, "Don’t ever try to leave me…I’ll kill you…I don’t wanna be a murderer!” and “Oh, what I would do w/your blood…I’d wanna bathe in it." When asked by reporters if she was crazy, she replied, "No, I am the person that discovered love."