What Do TikTok Users Mean by “3 Man”? The Answer Isn’t Exactly PG-13


Dec. 5 2023, Updated 1:35 p.m. ET

The Gist:

  • The “3 man” hangouts mentioned on TikTok are outings involving three couples.
  • But the point of a 3 man, according to social media users, is a bit more explicit than just hanging out.
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You TikTok users out there might have swiped past some “3 man” posts lately, like all the videos of trios of people doing happy dances to celebrate a successful "3 man." What is the meaning of all this?

If you don’t know, you’re not alone. After one person posted a video of a 3 man gone wrong — the cops were called, apparently! — another X user was duly confused. “Nobody in the comments is saying what [the f--k] a ‘3 man’ is,” that X user wrote.

In another X post, someone else said, “Accepting that I’m old and out the loop: Was just on TikTok, what the hell is a ‘3 man’?”

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A 3 man is like a double date, but with three couples instead of two.

3 man text
Source: Twitter/@Thatgirljay08

In one of the aforementioned X threads, one commenter explained the whole “3 man” thing. “If I wanna kick it with a girl, but I have my two dawgs with me, she [is] bringing two of her friends,” that commenter wrote.

That definition aligns with one posted to Urban Dictionary in September 2022: “A hangout that involves three men and three women who are having fun.”

And these explanations certainly illuminate TikTok videos like this one, in which three people celebrate “finally [getting] a fine 3 man.”

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3-man outings might carry some… expectations.

If you’re invited to a 3 man, though, you should know that — surprise, surprise — it might be a booty call.

In another X thread — after one user asked, “What does ‘3 man’ mean?” — a person replied that “it’s like a double date [with] three girls [and] three boys.

However, that person added, “the point is to f--k, LOL.”

And in a TikTok video, one person stated that “a 3 man means y’all gotta f--k the same night you meet them.”

In that video’s caption, the TikToker added, “Like [for real], y’all, wild. I thought it was just some double date-type s--t.”

So now we can assume what that Urban Dictionary contributor meant by “having fun,” right?

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