Adele's Courtside Basketball Look Has Caused Memes to Pop up All Over Social Media

Here’s a round-up of the funniest memes from Adele's recent basketball game visit where she sat courtside.

Stephanie Harper - Author

Feb. 23 2022, Published 12:25 p.m. ET

Source: Getty Images

A lot has been going on in the life of beloved pop-soul singer Adele lately. Her relationship with Rich Paul has been talked about more than usual since she’s been so candidly outspoken about their budding romance. Further, when she postponed her Las Vegas residency, it was met with quite a bit of backlash.

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At the moment though, fans of Adele aren’t thinking much about her relationship with Rich or her rescheduled tour dates. People are collectively finding the recent Adele-focused meme to be absolutely hilarious. Here’s a round-up of the funniest memes from Adele's recent basketball game visit.

Sometimes it’s better to be blissfully ignorant … right?

Source: Twitter/@StephanieLBirch

A Twitter user named @StephanieLBirch hilariously turned the Adele video into a meme about what it looks like when she’s ignoring her problems. Her problems might be glaringly trying to get her attention, but she is choosing to remain blissfully unaware. Life's easier that way!

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Everyone can relate to this awkward greeting scenario.

Source: Twitter/@JeMappelleHelen

It’s usually always pretty awkward when you and the person you’re meeting with are walking towards each other from a far distance. Are you supposed to be making eye contact the whole time? Are you supposed to be waving at each other as you get closer? A Twitter user named @JeMappelleHelen fully encompassed what that awkward greeting scenario feels like with the help of the basketball Adele meme.

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Most people would rather skip those icebreaker activities at work.

Source: Twitter/@lady_daadoo

When it comes to bonding with your coworkers in the workplace, superiors often encourage icebreaker activities to help everyone get to know each other. According to a Twitter user named @Lady_daadoo, work icebreakers are kind of the worst. She used the Adele meme to showcase what her face would look during one of those cringy icebreaker activities.

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Being patient in restaurants is never that fun.

Source: Twitter/@nicholasthedons

Waiting for your food to be served at a restaurant can be one of the most annoying experiences for people who are especially hungry — or especially impatient. It makes things even worse when you see the servers bringing food out to people who most definitely ordered their meals after you! A Twitter user named @NicholasTheDons used the Adele meme to get this point across.

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The life of a student is stressful.

Source: Twitter/@SisyphusSami

According to a Twitter user named @SisyphusSami, sometimes is easier to simply ignore your obligations than to give them all your attention. They wrote, “Me, ignoring all my assignments, take-home quizzes, and homework that are due in 24 hours.” Adele’s face in this meme looks exactly like the face of a student who simply doesn’t want to be bothered with the stresses of classwork.

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For some people, playing it cool is the best way to handle a crush.

Source: Twitter/@dimonekeater

In this day and age, it’s often a lot easier to play it cool and act completely coy around the person you’re crushing on. At least that’s what Twitter user @DimoneKeater thinks! Adele's face in this basketball meme is how we all look when our crush is walking by and we don’t want to seem way too interested.

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